Laurine has been creating as long as she can remember.

She combines a passion for art and love for people to facilitate the rediscovery of her students’ best self, through the designing and delivery of programs that is customized for each individual’s personal journey.
Thus giving joy, hope, growing self esteem and making everyone feel that they matter and can achieve anything they put their mind to.

Art for Laurine is like breathing. She can’t be without it. “It’s the best gift to give yourself and others.”
You relax, recharge and learn about your inner self.

Laurine mainly paints mixed media portraits of fictional people for her own personal self care. Her love for colour and texture is vibrant and playful and she never runs out of new creative ideas to keep her students interested and excited about what is coming next.....

She has won many awards and have done various exhibitions across the world. She has been the arts and craft facilitator at a local mental health community organisation and the difference art makes in students lives, is a reward money can’t buy.

For the past  years she has entered the local Mental Health Art Show and has had great reviews for her work.

Two of her previous works have been used for advertising the event of which

two of the pieces sold at the show  and another was awarded a prize.
Her last art exhibition was held at a local restaurant and was very well received.

You can expect to find her work in family homes, galleries and as logos on shop fronts and in advertising on the net.


Exhibiting artist for over 20 years.

Mental Health professional and Leisure and Health worker, supporting high needs participants and the worked with participants with early onset dementia.

Helping clients achieve creative goals and improving quality of life by introducing art as a form of meditation,

focusing on their ability not disability,

broadening their horizons with new materials and processes,

supporting their ability to focus, and calm their mind

and making students feel part of a creative team with no judgement and a positive and supporting team spirit.


  • Mental health cert iv

  • Health and leisure cert iv

  • Mental health first aid

  • First aid

  • Covid 19 infection control certified