Exercise to loosen your art fingers

Practice makes perfect as they say. But no one is going to run a marathon without ever having put on a pair of runners and hitting the local park or streets before.

Know your Copic from your Posca, or not.

There is so many art supplies out there and most with a hefty price tag. Talk to many an artist and they will bowl you over with " I only use such and such or this and that, never buy cheap art supplies, it will cost you...... "

Even though having a vast supply of art supplies are great to have, they will not make any art by themselves.... You need to loosen your art fingers, get messy with what ever you have, mix everything "you should not", play like a preschooler and get to know each and every art supply you do have. From the bubble wrap around your ebay parcel to the sticks you picked up in the back yard, to the kids arts and craft supplies in the playroom.

Discover your inner preschooler

Think back to when you were a child... there were no rules in creating art. A blob of green paint could be 'the first man on the moon' or 'a racecar winning a race.' Your art was whatever YOU said it was. Become that non judgmental person again, put some music on and set yourself free. Art from the heart with no reservations or preconceived ideas or judgement and loosen those art fingers. You will be surprised at what you create, what you discover the humble sharpie can achieve and how liberating it feels to not be governed by any rules.

Have fun creating until next time and when you have loosened those art fingers, come and art with us at the ArtArc, in person or online.


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